Leading the way to Chinook magic!

It's going to be a busy Fall/Winter!
I am planning a home litter , and also working with Satellite and Associated Litters
here for more information.

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    Team Bashaba


Chinooks are a rare All-American breed of companion sled dogs native to New England.  These devoted companions excel both as family pets and as canine competitors in almost any dog sports.  

Bashaba Chinooks is a small kennel dedicated to the Chinook dog based in western New Jersey with long weekends & vacations in New Hampshire. My dogs share my home, and puppies are born in the living room! I have been blessed to share my life with these dogs for over a decade, and am committed to ensuring there are healthy, happy Chinooks to enrich their peoples’ lives far into the future.

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Chinooks are devoted to their people, and just want to be with them whether on a couch or on the trail. I enjoy many activities with my dogs, including agility, nose work, tracking, Rally obedience, therapy work, and of course activities related to the Chinook pulling heritage like sledding, bike-joring, and weight pull.

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I’m proud of my dogs’ accomplishments - among them Sled Dog certifications, Canine Good Citizen awards, Therapy Dog certification, Weight Pull and Rally titles, and numerous conformation titles including two National Bests of Breed. But I am happiest when we are all together exploring the quiet woods along a small river in New Hampshire, content to explore individually yet always part of a greater whole.

I am proudest of my puppies when they merge seamlessly into their new families, knowing that weeks of work from both me and the adult dogs has given the pups the right foundation to grow into wonderful working family companions. I hope to return just a fraction of the peace and joy my dogs bring to me through service to the breed and nurturing of Bashaba puppies in their new homes.
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Tikaani's puppies were featured on Animal Planet's "Too Cute! Puppies". Click HERE to check out the Fuzzy Polar Puppies episode!