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Qaralii (ka-RALL-ee) was not supposed to stay. She had a great home set, and I was going to place all of the puppies from her litter. Then it was clear this would be Calista's only litter. And Qaralii at a few days old crawled away from her littermates and fell asleep on my foot as I sat in the whelping box. And that's all she wrote…..

She is a thoughtful, bold, and incredibly stable puppy, unfazed by anything that gets thrown at her. She has started obedience training with style, and endured her first road trip to UKC Premier with the unflappable equanimity of a seasoned campaigner. And at 6.5 months old, JUST like her mother, Qaralii earned her UKC conformation Championship in a single weekend, in four straight shows. Her first day in the ring she also placed first in Northern Group, and was sent to the Best in Show ring. At the end of a loooonnnngggg day, she was still wagging her tail and standing - which is a great achievement for such a young dog.

Meanwhile, Nashira is thrilled to have a little buddy and Calista loves having one of her babies still around. Perhaps most endearing is Qaralii's bond with her grandmother. Not a day goes by that they don't play a ferocious game of tag in the backyard, at full speed (Tikaani is quite fast for a 10 year old!)

Qaralii's full name is Ellam Qaralii which means Constellations in Yup'ik, a native Alaskan culture. She was from the Reach for the Stars litter, and her mother's name is Yup'ik, continuing a long line of native Alaskan names. She is shining brightly as a puppy - I'm excited to watch her grow!
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Formal Name:

Date of Birth:

CH Bashaba Ellam Qaralii
2 March 2016
DownDog Baron of Lighthouse
NBOB U-WP GR CH Bashaba Linto Calista CGC HIC DNA-VIP
Breed Potential
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    She was a stunning puppy.

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    And growing into a lovel girl!

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    Qaralii can be silly!

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    and has excellent conformation!

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    She's always ready to go.

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    And knows just how to get the most out of a nap.




Planned 2018
CAER Normal (Jan 2017)

Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism) CLEAR
MultiDrug Resistance (MDR1) CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR
Collie Eye Anomaly CLEAR
Clear of Seizures
Hobbies: TBD
Favorite Cartoon Character: ??
Favorite Quote: "Shall we play a game?"
Career Ambition: Not sure Yet
Awards: UKC Conformation Champion, Best Puppy, Chinook National Specialty 2016
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