Leading the way to Chinook magic!

Tek aka Wojtek is named after a famous Polish bear that was enlisted in the army in World War II! Wojtek the bear carried munitions for the Polish and eventually the Allied army. Wojtek the dog has lovely Chinook freighting structure, but he prefers more peaceful pursuits!

Wojtek has a wonderful broad head with classic preferred Chinook markings, and a strong chest. He is very outgoing, and loves every adult, child and dog he meets.
He bears a strong resemblance to his mother Tikaani, and older brother Murphy and provides a pedigree with strong hip health, excellent structure, and lovely Chinook type to a new generation.

Wojtek was featured on the "Fuzzy Polar Puppies" episode of Animal Planet's Too Cute! Puppies series. He was called Nanook on TV!

Wojtek lives with his family in Oklahoma. Information on his siblings and relatives available on request. 
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Formal Name: Bashaba Wojtek DNA-VIP
Date of Birth: 8 May 2012
Sire: GreatMountain Tom Niedermeyer
Dam: GR CH GreatMountain Lyric Tikaani
Status: Intact
Location: Oklahoma
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