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Puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture program, to provide them the very best start in life - you can learn more about Puppy Culture at www.PuppyCulture.com.
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Milo (GreatMountain Milo) x Nashira (CH Bashaba Naunbat Nashira HIC DNA-VIP)
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Nashira is a high-energy Chinook that wants nothing more than please you. And gaze deeply and lovingly into your eyes. Before she's off to run a lap around the yard! She loves just about everyone and everything. Nashira is beginning in agility, and has proven herself in harness. She has very proper conformation and incredible, fluid movement - she can run all day long. She’s always had an old soul behind those young eyes- I wonder what her puppies will be like?

Milo is an incredibly sweet Chinook that loves kids and other dogs. He has a strong pedigree for hip health and performance. Milo and Nashira are a match made through the Optimal Selection genetic test - they will produce puppies with strong genetic diversity in the Chinook breed.

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OFA Good
OFA CAER Normal (Jun 2017)
Clear - Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism)
Clear - MultiDrug Resistance 1 (MDR1)
Clear- Degenerative Myelopathy

Clear - Collie Eye Anomaly
Seizure & Allergy Free
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